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Ensure that Democrats are fighting everywhere by funding the Democratic nominee in all 187 “Forgotten” congressional districts.

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Ensure Democrats have a funded nominee in every congressional district, for as little as one penny per district:
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Enter whatever amount you like. If necessary, we will round it down to be an exact multiple of $1.87 so that it divides evenly between 187 congressional campaigns. We've lowered your donation amount a little so that it divides evenly between 187 congressional campaigns.
Why such a strange amount? Because there are 187 Forgotten Districts, races in which the 2016 Democratic congressional nominee — if there even was one — lacked the resources to run a competitive campaign. We need to ensure that every district in every state has a well-funded nominee talking progressive values and turning out voters.

Who we are.

Jonathan Zucker was the first COO and second CEO of ActBlue. Prior to that, he served the DNC as National Director of Operations for Finance during the 2003-2004 presidential cycle. More recently, he has founded or advised several political tech start-ups, including Democracy Engine,, and Crowdpac. LinkedIn Profile

Jerald Lentini
Deputy Director

Jennifer Swanson
Development Director

Michele Hornish
State Project Director

Ben Resnik
Digital Strategist

Jeffrey Mikoni
Communications Strategist

Laura Duncombe
Field Director

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Why are we doing this?

Since 1994, the Democratic party has followed a “swing district” strategy, in which the party supports only those candidates who have a very good chance to win. While this is the “right” answer for any given election, it’s been ruinous as a long-term approach.

In 2016, Democrats left uncontested 43% of congressional races, leaving millions of potential votes on the table. In these 187 “forgotten” districts, the Democratic nominee (if there even was one) raised an average of only $51,384, an amount completely inadequate to run a modern congressional campaign. By comparison, Democratic nominees in the other 248 districts raised an average of $1,589,213.

Had the nominees in these Forgotten Districts had enough resources to earn a normal Democratic percentage of the vote,* they would have turned out enough additional Democratic voters to elect Hillary Clinton president — flipping Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — and to give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate. Instead, Donald Trump is president and the Republican party is in complete control of Congress.

We cannot let this happen ever again.

* as measured by The Cook Political Report's “Partisan Voter Index”

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